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Over the years I’ve written a few pieces specifically for use in worship. This page allows you to download PDF versions of the music for use in your church, free of charge. I only ask that you send me an email acknowledging that you’ve done so. Eventually I hope to make my songs and music available through the Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI) service, so that I can have an extra source of income, but I need a minimum number of churches using my songs before I can sign up. So, if you find the songs worthy of use in your particular worship setting, please enjoy them, and let me know!

Please note that the scores aren’t great. My notation program doesn’t make the type-setting very easy, so they aren’t very pretty. Also, my skills are more on the writing and composing spectrum rather than the arranging side of things, so the arrangements aren’t necessarily the best. So, feel free to fiddle with the arrangements...

...but don’t feel so free with the lyrics or melody. Thanks!


Copyright and legal stuff

A Prayer for the Day

This is a simple hymn that takes us through the day in prayer. It could be sung throughout the day to mark our progress from wakefulness, work or play, and finally to rest.


A four-part Choral work with Brass accompaniment, a directed toward praising God.

Angels Singing

A Christmas song that looks at the nativity through the eyes of Mary, Joseph, Jesus and we ordinary folk.

Burning Gently

A Song for Advent with a slight Calypso flavour.


A simple praise song.


A Song seeking the Spirit’s presence


Pretty much self-explanatory in terms of theme, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. They melody is mine, but the lyrics were inspired by a poem written by a parishioner, Margaret McClure, from my first church. About the only song I’ve done this way.

Welcome The Dawning

A happy song rejoicing in a new day.

Please note that I own the copyright to all my music. That means no taking credit!
It also means no changing lyrics, melodies or harmonies without my expressed written permission.

Also, some of my music is managed by the nice people at CDBaby. That means if you record it in any form, and then publish it online, you will be warned and adverts might appear over videos.

If you need lyrics for use with projection systems or paper copies, I can provide them for you.

Finally, if you do use my music, please keep it within your church or venue; don’t share it; instead, direct interested folks to this webpage, please.

About My Worship Music