Rodes NT1a


M-Audio Fast Track Pro


Sennheiser HD 280 Pro


15” MacBook Pro


Just a little bit of equipment is needed to make professional quality recordings The gear I use was recommended by various folks either working directly in the Voiceover industry or folks who make music for a living. The microphone is the make-or-break bit of the formula; without a decent mic, there is no point entering the business. The Rodes NT1a unit is an entry-level professional model; it’s more than adequate for my needs. It doesn’t colour the sound and has very little noise, so it’s perfect for simple voice recordings.

The interface is simply an analog to digital converter that allows the mic to connect to my computer through the USB port. These are pretty straightforward devices.

The headphones, like the mic, are an excellent quality entry-level professional set that meet my needs nicely.
Why don’t I use a USB mic? Generally, the best manufacturers of microphones don’t build them, so I can’t get what I need in terms of audio quality, so why settle when you can get the best you can afford?

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