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Curious about the kit I use to make my recordings? Click here to have a look at the gear that makes my studio come alive!Tools_of_the_Trade.html

Whether by sheer luck, a blessed gift or through training and experience, I have a  deep, smooth voice that I would describe as easy-on-the-ears. Some folks have even compared me favourably to Canadian broadcasting legend Peter Gzwoski, so that might give you a sense of what I sound like. Along with the natural gift, I’ve developed a range of accents and inflections which make it a versatile instrument for many applications.

With this is mind, I’ve decided to explore doing Voiceover work as a bit of a sideline. If I can earn some money to pay for my investment in equipment, that would be great. Whatever happens, I’m keeping my day job!

I’m open to do anything from a subtle read for a meditation video to an over the top Anime character. I can produce a professional quality recording for you in-house or will travel to your location if you’d prefer.

Of course, the best way to experience my voice is to hear it, so pick one and follow the link!

You won’t be disappointed!


Let me be the voice of your next project!

Click here to contact me if you if you have a job in mind! mailto:johnsvoicework@johngiurin.com?subject=Voiceworkmailto:johnsvoicework@johngiurin.com?subject=Voiceworkshapeimage_4_link_0

Click on a box below to hear a sample of me at work!

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voiceover work

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