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PDF versions of songs suitable for use in worship. Feel free to use them, with due credit, and let me know what you think!Worship_Music.htmlWorship_Music.htmlWorship_Music.htmlWorship_Music.htmlWorship_Music.htmlWorship_Music.htmlWorship_Music.htmlshapeimage_14_link_0shapeimage_14_link_1shapeimage_14_link_2shapeimage_14_link_3shapeimage_14_link_4shapeimage_14_link_5

The tunes

A Prayer for the Day

Angels Singing



I Know Where the Sunshine Goes

I’d Follow You Anywhere

One Son’s Song


The Other Side of the Kiss

Trav’lin’ Man

More tunes coming soon!

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My music page

I wrote my first song in High School. I was not, as some musicians are known to be, a natural. I wasn’t one of those kids that wrote their first sonata before they could say “daddy” or a symphony before entering grade three. For me, writing is a process. While it’s not necessarily an arduous task it certainly is something of an effort. That’s one of the reasons I don’t write many songs. The other reason is that I want to create something unique with each effort. No two songs I have penned sound alike. I try to avoid a set style for myself; instead I listen to the inner tunes that pop into my head from time to time and then work at them methodically until the can stand and sing on their own. Melodies almost always precede lyrics. Occasionally a line will come to me or I’ll hear something that makes me think, and I will work a tune around it. For the most part, however, I hear a brief tune, or an idea of a tune, and then try to put it down on paper or a midi track. Sometimes they’re just snippets, thoughts that sound like they want to be something more, so they are duly noted and allowed to stew in the back corners of my mind; at other times they come out fairly complete and get the “full treatment” immediately. The odd time I realize I’m just repeating something someone else has written and just credit it as one of those “great minds think alike” moments.

I recently appeared in a play with a local theatre group. My character was “Steve Tanner”, the straight-man feeding lines to the comic genius, Allen Feldman.

The duo were featured in a fictional resort in Atlantic city, and they needed a theme song. I decided to try an write one, based on some of the music from programs like “The Johnny Carson Show”. I wanted something jazzy, with a little punch, and this is the result.

There are two versions of the tune, however; when the duo break up and Allen Feldman gets his own one-man show, he bought the rights to the song from his manager and then had it slightly re-orchestrated and scored.


The Steve And Allen Theme Song

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One Son’s  songs

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Copyright John A. Giurin, 2019, All rights reserved

ONE SON’S SONGSWorship_Music.html
“One Son’s Songs” is basically my musical heart and soul. The title refers to both my being a son of earthly parents and to being a child of God. My music is deeply personal, but it’s also something that I offer to everyone.
I’m just one of countless songwriters, just one son amongst countless daughters and sons, so I realize that my music might not be super special, but I still see it as my special gift from God. It’s a gift I share freely, thankfully, and, sometimes, a little bit hesitantly. Worship_Music.htmlWorship_Music.htmlWorship_Music.htmlWorship_Music.htmlWorship_Music.htmlWorship_Music.htmlWorship_Music.htmlWorship_Music.htmlshapeimage_28_link_0shapeimage_28_link_1shapeimage_28_link_2shapeimage_28_link_3shapeimage_28_link_4shapeimage_28_link_5shapeimage_28_link_6

The Steve And Allen Theme

The Allen Feldman Theme