A self-less effort

The experience was good, because it led me to Lois. Here’s how it happened. My co-worker, Chris was going to see ‘Jesus Christ, Superstar’ alone with four attractive women. As a true friend, I tagged along to even the odds. That’s where I met Lois and soon after we were engaged. Then things changed. Big Mainframes were giving way to little computers by IBM called PCs. Sperry Univac was cutting back, and as one of the last hired, I was expendable.

Having lost my job, I moved to one of the new style players, a little company called MAI. Originally builders of IBM mainframe compatible equipment, they had successfully branched out into making small office systems. However, they too felt the impact of the ever growing PC business. Specialized machines like those built by MAI could not compete with the pesky adaptable PCs everybody seemed to want. Once again, I had picked a company that was on its way out.

The first major detour

This time I was the one who made a change. After 8 years as a computer technician, it was clear my calling was elsewhere. Time for a self-directed detour. So in 1988 I and my wife, Lois, took the leap of faith in responding to God’s call. While Lois bore the brunt of our financial responsibilities, I resumed my educational career, working on my BA at the University of Toronto.

Going back to school is a story in itself. After my failed year at U of T, I had no idea what to do. The course at Control Data Institute came pretty much out of the blue, so I took advantage of the opportunity since no-one at U of T gave me any sign that I could return. While I was working, I did apply back to my old alma mater to upgrade my education but hey didn't want me back.

When I heeded God’s call into ministry, my lack of a degree proved a problem. I needed a B.A. to attend the Presbyterian seminary, Knox College. This is where things suddenly changed, and God's plan was revealed in a wonderful way.

My Story (and I'm sticking to it!)

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