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Who is Giuseppe and where did He come from?

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Giuseppe Falegname is a retired Italian woodworker who loves God. after a full, rich life making objects both beautiful and useful out of wood, he realized that he had learned a great deal about his personal faith from the various aspects of his craft.

seeking to share God’s love and bring others closer to their creator, Giuseppe uses his experience as a woodworker and skills as a story-teller to spread the Good News with gentle humour and genuine humility.

Giuseppe isn’t just an act; His character grew out of my love of woodworking and my passion for Christ. His accent is a tribute to my father, who managed to master english as an adult. My father’s love of working with hands and creating things of beauty are another trait I share through my Italian woodworking alter-ego. Giuseppe’s wit and wisdom reflect my both my mother and father; If you catch a twinkle in his eyes, well, that’s all mom.