After a careful, prayerful process, I’m answering God’s Call to go and serve the congregation of St. Andrew’s, Coldwater. St. Andrew’s is a small, well established congregation in the middle of cottage country just north of Barrie, Ontario.

It’s been a difficult decision, as I feel so blessed being able to take care of the folks at St. James, Chatham, but at the same time, after almost 14 years of ministry together, we both need a change. I feel I’ve taken St. James as far as I can go. In the same way, the wonderful folks at St. James have taken me as far as they can on my journey. So, it’s time for a new start for minister and congregation; St. James needs fresh eyes and I need a fresh challenge.

That’s the reality of a healthy life. We move and grow under God’s guidance, and sometimes that growth takes folks in different directions. For me, that new direction is east and north, as Lois and I will soon head off to Coldwater and all the challenges that entails.

From Chatham to Coldwater

My soon to be new home.

Sad to leave Chatham,

happy to go to Coldwater.
Trusting God’s hand in all of this.